Do you enjoy going to the museum or gardens? If you think it is costly, you should check out the Reciprocal Organization of Associated Museums or ROAM, where you will find many attractions that, as a member, you can get in for a free or reduced ticket.

If you would like more information on this fabulous opportunity, then read on below for more details. You and your family will be able to enjoy more outings for less with ROAM. 

Scottsdale Museum of the West

Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, the Scottsdale Museum of the West offers many exhibits that you and your family are sure to enjoy. Some of the exhibits include:

  • Dr. Rennard Strickland’s Profound Legacy: The Golden West on the Silver Screen
  • Collecting Stories: John Coleman Bronzes from the Collection of Frankie and Howard Alper
  • Beaded Gauntlets from the William P Healey Collection
  • The Morton and Donna Fleischer American Military Saddle Collection
  • The Abe hays Family Maynard Dixon Collection
  • Light and Legacy: The Art of and Techniques of Edward S Curtis
  • Maynard Dixon’s American West
  • By Beauty Obsessed: Gilbert Waldman Collects the West
  • Paul Callies Life of Exploration: From the Mountains to the Moon
  • Photographs by Barry M Goldwater: Selections from the Arizona Highways Collection
  • OF Spirit and Flame: John Coleman Bronzes from the Collection of Frankie and Howard Alper
  • Canvas o Clay: Hopi Pottery Masterworks from the Allan and Judith Cooke Collection
  • And sixteen more

These beautiful works are a great way to spend your day exploring with the ones you love. 

Oceanside Museum of Art

The Oceanside Museum of Art is located in Oceanside, California. You will get to experience a variety of exhibits throughout the year. However, they change and get new ones regularly, so you will want to contact them to make sure you see the displays you love. 

Delaware Museum of Natural History

The Delaware Museum of Natural History has many collections like these:

  • Birds
  • Mollusks
  • Mammals

They offer many educational programs and events to allow you to study natural history for yourself.  

Amarillo Museum of Art

Located in Amarillo, Texas, the Amarillo Museum of Art has more than 2000 artifacts to see and much more. You will find a selection of art from great artists like:

  • Edward Weston
  • Georgia O’Keeffe
  • Florence Pierce
  • David Levinthal
  • Jack Delano
  • Dick Wray
  • Robert Cottingham
  • H J Bott
  • Carole Feuerman
  • Theodore Webber
  • And dozens of other artists

Amarillo Museum of Art also has several collections to study and enjoy. 

South Carolina State Museum

At the South Carolina State Museum, you will find so much information to enjoy learning about fossils, artifacts, art, and so much more. Some of the permanent exhibits include:

  • The Robert B Ariail Collection of Historical Astronomy
  • Standard Federal Photograph Collection

Other exciting things to do there include: 

  • 4-D Theater
  • Observatory
  • Planetarian
  • Collections
  • Stringer Discovery Center

They have a variety of traveling exhibits that come along regularly for you to see and enjoy. 

Everhart Museum of Natural History, Science, and Art

Located in Scranton, Pennsylvania, the Everhart Museum of Natural History goal since it opened its doors in 1908 has been to Challenge your thoughts, spark your imagination, and give you a place to enjoy. 

They have some permanent and many traveling exhibits for your pleasure. By 1920 the museum Natural History gallery had more than 2300 bird specimens, 400 mammals, 300 fossils, and many other specimens. It has grown considerably. They have galleries with art for you to walk through and enjoy. The museum even got a cast fossil of a stegosaurus in the 1990s. 

If you are interested in any of these things, you will want to plan a visit to the Everhart Museum of Natural History, Science, and Art. 

Saratoga Automobile Museum

The Saratoga Automobile Museum is located in Saratoga Springs, New York. If you like car exhibits, you will love this museum. Current exhibits include:

  • Rennsport: The Complete Collection
  • Abstracted Air- The Artwork of Lyn Hiner
  • Wheels: Woman & Independence 1900-1920
  • East of Detroit
  • Racing in New York
  • The New York State Stock Car Hall of Fame
  • The Bottling Plant

You should take a day and enjoy these beautiful exhibits. 

To Conclude

All of these wonderful museums and art galleries can be seen at a fraction of the cost when you join the reciprocal membership program of ROAM. Roam is accessible to join and does not require a lot of documentation. 

Most museums only need a photo ID, your membership card, and some may ask for proof of residency because some require you to be a certain distance from your home to participate. Once you join, you will have access to dozens of attractions for free or at a reduced price.