Most people would love to take more road trips with their families if they could afford it. Traveling can be costly, especially if you want to go to attractions and exhibits. Have you looked into seeing how much you can save on reciprocal programs that keep you thousands of dollars when you travel with your family?

Reciprocal Programs allow families to save money while going to museums, amusement parks, natural parks, and many other places while traveling. You sign up as a member, and then you can access free or reduced admission when you travel at least ninety miles from your residence to go to an attraction. 

There are many different reciprocal programs to choose from depending on your family’s personal needs. If you would like to learn more, read below.

Finding Reciprocal Programs

There are many reciprocal programs available. Below you will find a list of some of them to get you started saving thousands of dollars while going on road trips with your family. 

American Horticultural Society or AHS

IF you and your family love gardening and looking at beautiful flowers and gardens, you will want to check out this reciprocal program. You can access dozens of gardens for free with membership to the AHS.

Southeastern Reciprocal Membership Program or SERM

The Southeastern Reciprocal Membership program is excellent if you travel a lot in the southeast part of the United States. You will find a collection of museums in that specific area to go to for a reduced rate or free access. 

Association of Children’s Museums or ACM

The Association of Children’s Museums has a network of dozens of children’s museums across America. You get 50 % off admission to the museums on the network. This reciprocal program is especially perfect for families with small children who may get bored or distracted at many other attractions you could visit. 

Time Travelers

If you love history, then you will want to consider joining the Time Travelers reciprocal program. You can access a reduced fee or free admission to several museums in this reciprocal program, making road trips to learn about history much more affordable. 

Association of Science-Technology Centers or ASTC

The Association of Science-Technology Centers has dozens of participating attractions you can access in this program to save lots of money. With these memberships, you can access space and science centers and planetariums all over America free or at a reduced rate. 

Association of Zoo and Aquariums or AZA

The Association of Zoos and Aquariums lets members into attractions free or at half-price admission. There are many zoos and aquariums all across the United States to choose from to visit. This can be an invaluable saving for those who love going to aquariums and zoos to learn about nature. 

North American Reciporcal Association or NARM

NARM focuses mainly on art museums. With membership, you will have free access. This reciprocal program can save hundreds of dollars over the year as you share and learn about art with your family.

Museum Alliance Reciprocal Program or MARP

If you love visiting museums, you should check out the Museum Alliance Reciprocal Program to get free admission to many museums in America. It does not have as many choices as NARM, though, but still worth looking into to save money. 

Reciprocal Organization of Associated Museums or ROAM

ROAM has some art history museums, gardens, and history museums in their program, which offer reduced or free admission for being a member of their network. 

“America the Beautiful” Pass

The “America the Bea utiful” Pass grants access to natural parks across the United States once you purchase a pass for $80 per year. IF you and your family like to do stuff outdoors, this will save you lots of money on entrance fees to parks.  State parks usually have yearly passes for people who go often. Purchasing one can save significant money if you often go throughout the year. 

Amusement Parks

Many amusement parks offer family passes which can provide significant savings throughout the year if you and your family go often. A few you may want to check out include:

  • Sea World
  • Six Flags Gold Pass
  • Herschend Pass
  • Busch Gardens Florida Platinum Pass
  • Cedar Point Platinum Pass
  • Merlin Pass

Sometimes, if you purchase a pass at one park, you can gain entrance to other parks under the network. An example of this is the Herschend Pass which allows you to go to Dollywood,  Silver Dollar City, and Stone Mountain Park. 

To Conclude

Using reciprocal programs is an excellent way to save money while traveling with your family on road trips. You can find reciprocal programs in various types, such as natural parks, education, and entertainment. There are many different ones to choose from, so you will want to research them carefully to see which ones will offer you the best value for your family’s needs.