Reciprocal memberships between museums and zoos make it easy for people to go to their favorite local attractions without struggling with high costs. Some reciprocal membership allow you to visit as many different participating venues as often as you like. In contrast, others limit the number of visits available each year (or month). 

You can sign up for reciprocal museum memberships online or in person. Many museums will have a reciprocal membership desk, so be sure to check for it when you visit the first time.

Reciprocal memberships can be a great way to access multiple experiences at an affordable price. If visiting several attractions frequently sounds appealing, but your budget doesn’t always agree, then read on!

Reciprocal Museum Memberships – How Do I Sign up?

If you plan to take advantage of one or more museum reciprocity programs, we recommend joining online before entering any establishments. This will save time and money when signing onto new accounts! 

Sign up for a reciprocal museum membership by simply visiting the website for your desired institution. You can join online, in person at the main desk, or over the phone, depending on where your favorite establishment lies. 

Once signed into an account, head straight to any participating location and present proof of reciprocity (a printed-out email with information about joining) along with a photo ID-and you’re all set!

How Much Do Reciprocal Museum Memberships Cost?

Reciprocal museum membership costs vary from one member organization, but they are usually relatively inexpensive compared to purchasing individual passes every time a family visits a different exhibition hall. The best way to find out how much it

Reciprocal museum memberships usually cost $50 or less and include unlimited visits to multiple museums. In addition, most reciprocal membership programs offer price breaks on special exhibits, so be sure you mention a particular show that interests you when signing up! 

These memberships are extremely convenient for those who travel frequently or live near the border of another state. With these memberships, you can visit any other participating institution without paying an admission fee, saving time and money!

The price of reciprocal museum membership, when compared to an individual membership, is usually more cost-effective. There are also several types of reciprocal memberships, including general, student, and senior citizens, which offer even more significant discounts on museum admission!

Are There Any Hidden Fees with Reciprocal Museum Memberships?

Museum reciprocal memberships are some of the best deals out there. These memberships are usually purchased annually or sometimes monthly. Reciprocal memberships generally include free admission to the museum and any special exhibits, but there may be some exceptions! 

Though there aren’t hidden fees, reciprocal memberships usually require that you pay an annual fee and then receive free or discounted entry into other participating venues around town. Parking and additional fees may apply at each venue.

The price varies with each museum; however, most reciprocal memberships run between $50-$100 for an individual membership and around $150-$200 for a family (benefit all immediate family members living in your household). 

Some additional fees may include:

  • Parking fees
  • Class or workshop fees
  • Additional costs for extra individuals

You will find that some museums charge additional fees like parking while others do not (this fee is often waived if you arrive by car) – but don’t forget about staffing costs associated with certain programs they offer!

Be warned, though – there are some venues that do not accept reciprocity because they feel their prices already provide value to visitors (even with discounts available). In addition, participating venues may not be open 365 days per year. Many of them are closed on Mondays or Tuesdays, which can make it difficult if you’re planning a trip during those specific times. 

Some museums charge a small fee for parking or require that your children (under 18) pay full price to participate in their kid’s programs like art lessons, classes, etc. Additional costs can vary with each museum participating in the reciprocal membership.


If you’re looking for a new museum to visit, be sure to check out your local museums’ reciprocal membership program. You can find out more about it by visiting the museum’s website or in person at their reciprocal membership desk when you first visit! It’s always nice to learn something new and have an opportunity to broaden your horizons.

When you sign up online or in person, the process is quick and straightforward. It’s also worth noting that some museums offer special memberships just for kids! You can find more information about these types of deals by looking on the individual museum website before signing up.