As a homeschooling family, it can be difficult to come up with a meaningful and enjoyable curriculum. It can feel even more overwhelming if you are roadschooling, but this doesn’t have to be the case. There are many reciprocal programs available to help you.

Homeschooling and roadschooling do not need to be stressful and expensive guessing games when it comes to curriculum. With this guide, we will share different reciprocal programs that are perfect for homeschoolers on the go. 

A Guide to Reciprocal Programs for Homeschool Families

This guide is designed to help you locate the ideal reciprocal programs available to you as a homeschooling family. Using the reciprocal programs, your curriculum will be filled with awe-inspiring and engaging content without breaking the budget.

When you invest in reciprocal programs for homeschooling, you will have hands-on access to:

  • Reading Materials
  • Science; will include everything from astronomy to zoology.
  • Mathematics
  • History
  • Physical Education

By far, the best thing about homeschooling is that the world is your classroom. Your family can experience education in a way that brick and mortar students are not. Through hands-on experiences, your children will better retain what they learn, and those memories will stay with them for their entire lives.

Best Reciprocal Programs for Homeschool Families?

The best reciprocal programs for homeschool families are:

  • America the Beautiful Pass and Local State Park Passes
  • AHS Pass
  • ASTC Passport Program

These are but a few of the wonderful reciprocal programs available for homeschoolers and others to enjoy. There are, in fact, much more available. Because this is a relatively short post, we will focus on the above with brief explanations and directions on how to acquire these memberships.

What are the America the Beautiful and State Parks Passes?

The America the Beautiful Pass is a pass that allows access to our national parks, forests and more. State park passes are passes obtained for enjoying state parks within a single state.

With these passes, the homeschool family has access to thousands of geologic and historical sites to explore and learn from. In addition, you are able to go through visitor centers and obtain educational materials, often for free, just by asking at the information desk. 

These resources offer the homeschooling families:

  • Physical fitness activities such as hiking, biking, swimming and more
  • Hands on science opportunities from exploring the natural flora and fauna to geology and geography. Also studying the native wildlife in their natural habitats can instill a lifelong ecological mindset.
  • Mathematics and timelines
  • Social Sciences
  • History

These are remarkable resources that just cannot be beaten. You have the opportunity to combine resources provided by these government entities:

If you combine them, you will have a complete curriculum at your disposal and it can be modified to your educational needs, across academic grade levels.

AHS Membership and How Homeschoolers Use it?

AHS stands for the American Horticultural Society. By obtaining a membership with AHS, you can visit more than 345 public gardens across North America and the Cayman Islands.

Memberships range in price from $35 to $1,000 and have varying benefits such as receiving a yearly subscription to the American Gardener Magazine and high quality seed resources.  AHS has many educational resources available such as:

  • The Youth Garden Gazette that links to many different magazine articles on environmental topics with emphasis on children and our ever changing environment.
  • Life Lab is full of curriculum for starting and sustaining a garden as well as harvesting and meal planning.
  • Bloom by Scholastic brings the education of plants to the students digitally. Students are able to watch videos, do virtual plant dissections, and play plant based trivia games.

The AHS membership is an excellent opportunity for roadschooling and homeschooling alike.

ASTC Passport Program and How Homeschoolers Use It?

The ASTC is the Association of Science and Technology Centers. They have a passport program that offers members possible free entrance to other science and technology centers that are 90 miles or farther away from the science center or museum they belong to.

You will have to Find a Science Center that participates with the ASTC passport program within your area. You should always contact the prospective museum or science center to ensure they are participating before going there.

The ASTC also has educational resources such as the Connected Science Learning that explores STEM educational experiences. These are fantastic places to engage your family with science and technology.

Using Reciprocal Programs For Your Homeschool

Using reciprocal programs for your homeschool is a fantastic way to find an engaging curriculum that requires hands-on information and experiences. You will be able to remove your classroom walls while giving your family the best education possible.