Traveling is one of the most enjoyable things that a family can do. If you are looking for a way to do this as affordably as possible, you will want to look into reciprocal membership programs. This is a great way to see some excellent attractions all over the country without having to pay a separate admission fee each time you arrive. 

Reciprocal programs help families travel on a budget. Some of the possible venues that are open to such membership programs include museums, zoos, gardens, amusement parks, cultural attractions, and so much more. For one price, families will be able to see multiple attractions as they travel. 

Traveling on a budget does not have to mean forgoing the very activities that your family looks forward to the most. By using reciprocal programs, the entire family can do what they want to do without having to break the bank in the process. Continue reading to learn about the many ways reciprocal programs can help families travel on a budget. 

Museum and Zoo Reciprocal Programs

There are museums and zoos located across the country. Each one is different and offers a unique perspective on the world and our role in it. This is a great way to provide some educational experiences to your children while having fun as a family. Consider the following reciprocal membership programs that will gain you access to venues throughout America. 

  • Association of Science and Technology Centers – Science centers are great places for the family to spend an entire day. There are so many hands-on activities to take part in that you will always have something to do. Every center is different, and this pass will give you access to dozens of them all over the country as you travel. 
  • Association of Zoos and Aquariums – With this membership program, you are going to gain either free or half-price admission to countless zoos and aquariums located in various places across the country. Each location is unique and will bring the family new opportunities to learn and explore. 
  • Time Travelers – Here is a great way to explore historical museums around the country. While not all of the venues will give you free admission, the discounts offered to make this reciprocal program well worth taking part in. 
  • North American Reciprocal Museum Association – This membership program will provide you with free entry to a number of art museums in various places across the country. There are also some specialty museums that take part in this program, which is an added benefit. 

These are just a sampling of the many reciprocal programs that are available for museums and zoos across the country. Pick two or three that you are likely to take advantage of the most and get your family ready for a great adventure the next time you head out on a trip. 

Reciprocal Memberships at Amusement Parks

Amusement parks are typically a hit with every family member, no matter how young or old you might be. Unless you happen to live in a city that has a major park, you will have to travel to get to one. Since admission fees can be quite expensive, reciprocal programs make it possible to enjoy multiple parks while traveling on a budget. 

Cedar Point Platinum Pass – There are 16 different Cedar Park locations around the country. This pass will get your family access to all of them, and free parking is thrown in as a bonus. 

Six Flags Gold Pass – This series of amusement parks are in various regions of the country, with each one having a unique theme. This one pass will get you access to all of them. 

You cannot go wrong with having a reciprocal membership at an amusement park. There are quite a few of them to choose from, so do your research. 

Reciprocal Offers at National Parks

Experience the great outdoors by having a national park membership. There are national parks located around the country, each one providing your family with a great opportunity to enjoy the beauty of America. The America the Beautiful pass can be purchased for less than $80 and will give you admission to just about every national park in the country. 


Just taking a look at some of the reciprocal membership programs mentioned should leave you excited about your next family adventure. If you like to spend a lot of time on the road, these programs are a great way to provide you with plenty to do without having to worry about the expense. These programs are definitely worth looking into.