With the world being at their doorstep, many parents find that the best education exists in places one visits while on a trip. A combination of museums, exhibits, and much more can provide young people with the type of well-rounded education not available in a traditional school setting. The key is to make use of reciprocal memberships along the way.

Visiting cultural attractions and other types of educational venues while you travel does not have to be an expensive proposition. If you are interested in providing your children with a well-rounded education, you probably have many memberships in effect in your local community already. Many of those can also be used nationwide without any additional expense.

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The 7 Top Educational Experiences with Reciprocal Memberships

While it might not be financially feasible to buy a membership for every venue in your local community, some do make much more financial sense than others. As you think about taking your children’s education on the road with you, consider the following seven experiences that can be made available to you via reciprocal memberships.

Local Aquariums

With so much to learn about what lives under the earth’s water, aquariums provide a perfect opportunity to see unique creatures up close and personal. Since every aquarium has a different focus, you can visit many of them around the country and learn something new each and every time.

What you might not know is that there is an entire network of aquariums that off reciprocal membership. You will just buy one family membership at your local venue that offers such a deal and then use that card to further the education of your children and yourself as you are on the road.

Science and Technology Centers

With a reciprocal membership to science and technology centers across the nation, you will gain access to more than 300 such venues. These are real-world experiences where your children can experiment with various components related to science and technology.

It is often difficult to replicate this type of learning in a classroom or at home because of the required resources. This is a great way to provide your children with a fun experience as you travel without having to pay a separate admission fee at every stop along the way.

Local and Regional Zoos

Zoos are about much more than just seeing animals play and interact. Each zoo has an educational component to it. Visit your local zoo and purchase a membership that is part of a national group. You will not be disappointed.

This is a great way to spend the day together as a family as you travel. At the same time, you will be able to attend different seminars and encounter various exhibitions along the way. You will learn much more than you ever could by simply opening a book.

Area Wildlife Parks

Wildlife parks are focused on different aspects of wildlife than zoos. Much of this is focused on conservation and how to help animals survive back in the wild. There is so much to learn at these parks that you will be thankful you have a reciprocal membership that gains you entry into such venues all over the country.

Various Types of Museums

Museums are great for the entire family. There are so many types of museums to see across the world, many of them with a unique local or regional focus. You will see much more than just paintings. This is a way for children to see the country’s history right before their eyes as they travel.

Botanical Gardens

When it is time to get outside and explore nature for a bit, botanical gardens are a great way to do it. Each garden tends to focus on a different region of the world, in addition to plants and flowers endemic to the local community. This is a great way for your children to learn more about biology in addition to having a great day out with their parents while traveling.  

Historical Attractions

If your home base is located in an area of the country that has many historical attractions, look for a membership that is reciprocal with other venues across America. This is a great way to explore America’s history as travel and save some money at the same time.


Now that you have an idea of some of the many educational venues you can visit across the country with just a single membership, it is time to consider which one would work best for your family. With these memberships in hand as you travel, you can provide a great educational experience to your children at every stop along the way.