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Using Your Reciprocal Museum Membership

Using Your Reciprocal Museum Membership

If you like visiting museums but find it costly, you may want to check into getting a reciprocal museum membership to save money. What are reciprocal museum memberships, and how do they work? A reciprocal museum membership is where you pay for a membership to a museum...

What Are Reciprocal Programs?

What Are Reciprocal Programs?

Reciprocal programs are an excellent way for your business to gain exposure and get found online. Reciprocity is where you benefit from doing something, expecting nothing in return. Think of it as a marketing tool!  Reciprocal programs are networks formed between...

Family Travel on a Budget: Reciprocal Programs

Family Travel on a Budget: Reciprocal Programs

Traveling is one of the most enjoyable things that a family can do. If you are looking for a way to do this as affordably as possible, you will want to look into reciprocal membership programs. This is a great way to see some excellent attractions all over the country...

Frequently Asked Questions & Popular Topics

Is PassPro a Reciprocal Program?

No. PassPro is a database of reciprocal programs, each of which has its own membership. 

Can I use PassPro even if I don't have any reciprocal memberships?

Yes. PassPro’s database can be searched regardless of your membership in any of the reciprocal programs. However, to get the most benefits from PassPro we highly encourage you to join one or more of the reciprocal programs.

What does PassPro do? Why should I join?

PassPro is an ever growing database of attractions that participate in at least one reciprocal membership program. The PassPro database allows users to search and find attraction locations for which the users may be able to access at little to no cost because of the users existing memberships. PassPro helps keep your membership databases in one place, easy to search, and quick to find new attractions.

What is a reciprocal membership or program?

Reciprocal memberships are groups of attractions which allow your membership in one attraction to give you access to all other attractions within the association. Basically, if you have a membership to one attraction you have a membership to all the attractions within that association. 

How does PassPro work?

PassPro continually updates our database of reciprocal membership programs and the attractions associated with each of these programs. Our search functionality allows users to quickly search all the reciprocal programs at once without the need to find and look through each program’s individual database. 

Where does PassPro work?

PassPro is an online database of reciprocal membership programs and therefore can be accessed anywhere you have internet. The PassPro database primarily covers US-based attraction locations. 

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