Reciprocal Memberships are great ways for homeschool families to support learning while saving hundreds of dollars on costly tickets and admissions to museums, science and technology centers, zoos, and aquariums. You can even find memberships where your children can learn all about gardening. 

Reciprocal memberships are wonderful opportunities for homeschoolers to do educational programs with their kids while on vacation. To learn more about these memberships, read below. 

Educational Programs

Several educational reciprocal memberships are available to choose from that will be fun and educational for you and your children. These museums, zoos, gardening, and science centers are located throughout the United States. If you are a traveling homeschooler, you are sure to save money by having a reciprocal membership. Each of these institutions, museums, and science centers will give you a variety of programs to visit with your family. 

Association of Science-Technology Centers or the ASTC

ASTC has a place you are sure to want to take your family to from all over the United States. Some examples of sites you can go to include:

  • If you are visiting Alabama, your family may want to check out the US Space Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama, or the Southern Museum of Flight in Birmingham. 
  • If you are in Arizona, you may want to go to the International Wildlife Museum in Tucson or visit the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff.
  • In Pennsylvania, you might visit the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh or the North Museum of Nature and Science in Lancaster. 

These are only a few examples of places you can go with a membership to ASTC.

Association of Zoos and Aquariums or AZA

With a membership to the AZA, you can expect to be able to get discounts and free entrance to places like these:

  • In Texas, you can go to the Abilene Zoological Gardens.
  • In Ohio, you can visit the Akron Zoological Park. 
  • The Birmingham Zoo from Alabama. 

These are only a few examples of what you can see with this membership to AZA. Your children will get to see so many beautiful animals and fish if you take this opportunity. 

North American Reciprocal Museum Association or NARM

The NARM has a website with choices to find just the types of exploring your family is looking to explore. A few options on their website include:

  • Natural History
  • Planetarium
  • Zoo
  • Historic Sites
  • Aquariums
  • Nature Centers

There are twenty-four options to choose from, and then it will take you to a list of places in the group you selected. The website is easy to use. 

Time Travelers

Time Travelers is a membership organization that focuses on History. What better way to teach your children about History than taking them to see it in person? Time Travelers allows you to do it and has discounts to help lower the cost.  

American Horticultural Society or AHS

If you and your family love gardening or looking at beautiful flowers, then you will want to check out this AHS reciprocal membership. The garden you are visiting must be ninety miles from where you signed up to get the free admission. 

Museum Alliance Reciprocal Program or MARP

The MARP has art centers and museums across America. A few you may want to check out include:

  • In Buffalo, New York, you might visit the Albright Knox Art Gallery.
  • In Colorado Springs, Colorado, check out the Colorado Springs Fine Art Center.
  • In Chicago, Illinois, look at the Museum of Contemporary Art. 

Association of Children’s Museum or ACM

The ACM is wonderful for places to take children to. ACM offers fifty percent off general admission tickets to 200 museums that participate in the reciprocal membership. You will want to check out some of their other benefits, such as free or reduced parking.

Reciprocal Organization of Associated Museums or ROAM

The ROAM is an organization of museums across the country. They have museums that have art, History or learn about the culture. Members should be visiting a museum at least twenty-five miles from their house. 

Southeastern Reciprocal Membership Program or SERM

The SERM website has all fifty states that tell you precisely what organizations are available in their network. Your discount or free admission varies from the organization. 

Park Memberships

Park Memberships are great ways to spend some fun and enjoy the outdoors. There are many options available, including:

“America the Beautiful” Pass allows the family to enjoy the outdoors for $80 a year. Once you invest in this pass, you can get into every National Park across America. If you have a fourth-grader, you can get special rates and have many other benefits. Check with a nearby National Park or visit to see what you qualify to receive. 

State Park Passes

State Park Passes are similar to the “America the Beautiful” Pass, except they help get you into state parks for a year once you pay their fee. In some states all state parks are free, others require a fee for each park and may not offer state park passes, and in many states you can purchase an annual State Park Pass.

Amusement Park Reciprocal Memberships

Several reciprocal memberships offer discounts for entertainment and fun for your family. You will find places like these with programs that will save hundreds of dollars when you take your family on vacation. Some that you should check out are:

  • Herschend Pass
  • Six Flags Gold Pass
  • Merlin Pass
  • Cedar Point Platinum Pass
  • Busch Gardens Florida Platinum Pass

Reciprocal memberships like these are great ways to afford more when you go on vacation.

To Conclude

Homeschoolers will love these reciprocal memberships to help them afford to take their children to many educational museums, galleries, natural parks, and other activities. Saving money enables you to afford to do more exciting and fun outings with your family and friends. v